This week I tried to clarify what Android is, What the benefits are and give a bit of a buying guide.  I want to clarify a couple of points that I might have not gotten around to or made clear in the video.

The Android OS is wonderful, manufacturers and carriers mess it up by altering it, running it with hard keyboards, and adding bloatware.

Android has about a 70% market share it's taking over the market, at some point app designers will stop going to apple first.

All Droid phones are not the same, there are so many that a lot of them are bound to be junk.  If someone says they had a Droid and it was junk and they'd never go back, ask them what kind of Droid and what version (i.e. Jellybean).  If they don't know the answer, they probably bought the junky cheap one which should not ever be compared to an IPhone.

Bottom line, if you want four lines of four squares to navigate, and to only use ITunes and the ICloud.  If you want safe and standard, go IPhone.  If you want a phone that adapts to what you want to do, that interacts with other phones and non-apple products go Android.  Apple prevents you from making mistakes, Android gives you the freedom to make them or do things you never could on the IPhone.