George (Pete), Steve, and Nick Holt had the pleasure of attending the Howard Hanna Managers advance in Cleveland this week.  The Holts put their brains together with Howard Hanna's 130+ Office Managers from across PA, OH, NY & WV, Department Heads, Regional and Senior Management in downtown Cleveland for the company’s annual ‘Manager’s Advance’ meetings. 
The Hanna Team of 170  were welcomed at the Intercontinental Hotel by Hanna Ohio President, Hoby Hanna along with Cuyahoga County Executive, Ed Fitzgerald. 
This afternoon ‘Positively Cleveland’ designed a ‘Discover Cleveland Scavenger Hunt’ for the group to get out and see the sights of Downtown and all it has to offer.Nick Holt and Hoddy Hanna Outside Downtown Cleveland office
Special guest speakers on the agenda include Dick Finnegan of Finnegan MacKenzie, The Retention Firm and Sandra Pinalto, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of
The goal of Howard Hanna’s Manager Advance is to bring all Hanna Managers together for camaraderie, networking, knowledge and enhanced customer service initiatives with emphasis on the traditional values of the 54-year old company as the company moves forward into the new year. 
CEO Hoddy Hanna’s presentations include an overview of the real estate market today – both locally and nationally, an update on operations in Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Youngstown regions, along with the company’s mortgage, title and insurance companies. 
How many offices does Howard Hanna have? The company has more than 130 offices across the four states of
Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia with more than 4,000 sales associates, management and staff.
How many of the offices are in
OhioCurrently, Howard Hanna has 49 offices in the state of Ohio with approximately 2,000 sales associates. 
How does Howard Hanna’s Manager’s Advance Meeting affect local people? The company’s sales associates and management team influence the real estate activity in every market they are in. By being the most knowledgeable and up-to-date, they are able to better serve their clients.
Howard Hanna is pleased to be contributing to the city of
Cleveland economy rather that a resort or hotel in a market in which they do not do business. The company will be purchasing approximately 170 rooms at the Intercontinental Hotel, providing meals and entertainment for two days and bringing many people to Cleveland who have never been before --many of which will venture out to the shops and dining establishments on their free time.